Classes 2021

We welcome all entrants, it’s cheap and easy to enter and you may even win a prize! Taking part is half the fun.



All baked items to be displayed in a clear plastic bag (not cling film)

Class 1 Decorated cake (judged on decoration)

Class 2 Apple pie (pastry top and bottom)

Class 3 Victoria sandwich (7-8”) Hint: Castor sugar on top and jam filling

Class 4 Fruit cake (8”)

Class 5 Four shortbread biscuits

Class 6 Four fruit scones

Class 7 Six handmade sweets presented in a box

Class 8 Four decorated cup cakes

Class 9 Loaf of white bread (handmade)

Class 10 Loaf of brown bread (handmade)

Class 11 Loaf machine made bread

Class 12 Fancy bread

Class 13 Four sausage rolls


Hint: Jars with lids do not need a wax disc as well.

Plain lids only.

Class 14 Jar of jam (soft fruit)

Class 15 Jar of jam (stone fruit)

Class 16 Jar of jelly (any kind)

Class 17 Jar of marmalade

Class 18 Jar of chutney

Class 19 Jar of lemon curd

Class 20 Jar of pickles

If you have any spare jars of preserves these would be gratefully received as donations to the Macmillan coffee morning in September.

Section C DRINKS

Hint: Use a clear bottle with stopper or screwcap

Class 21 One bottle homemade wine

Class 22 Sloe Gin

Class 23 Any other fruit liqueur

Class 24 Any non-alcoholic homemade drink

Class 25 Home Brew Beer

Section D EGGS

Class 26 Six hen’s eggs (white / cream)

Class 27 Six hen’s eggs (brown)

Class 28 Six eggs (any other sort or colour– please label)

Section E FRUIT

Hint: Fruit should have stalks/calyces on. Don’t polish the fruit.

Class 29 Four dessert apples (1 variety)

Class 30 Four cooking apples (1 variety)

Class 31 Four pears (1 variety)

Class 32 Four plums (1 variety)

Class 33 Dish of any other fruit

Class 34 Collection of fruits


Class 35 Three roses (any variety or varieties)

Class 36 One spray of roses (floribunda)

Class 37 Three annuals (any variety or varieties)

Class 38 Three dahlias (4 inches and under)

Class 39 Three dahlias (over 4 inches)

Class 40 One succulent

Class 41 One cactus

Class 42 One flowering pot plant

Class 43 One foliage pot plant

Class 44 Three sprays of flowers

Class 45 Three stems of gladioli

Class 46 Vase of mixed cut garden flowers


Class 47 Collection of six different vegetables

(points awarded for arranging)

Class 48 Four potatoes (white)

Class 49 Four potatoes (coloured)

Class 50 Six runner beans

Class 51 Six beans (any type)

Class 52 Three courgettes

Class 53 Three carrots (any variety) Hint: Carrots should be presented with 3” stalks on

Class 54 Three onions grown from seed

Class 55 Three onions grown from sets

Class 56 Two vegetable marrows (not exceeding 300mm, 12” length)

Class 57 Heaviest marrow (one prize only)

Class 58 One lettuce

Class 59 Three beetroot (any variety)

Class 60 Six shallots

Class 61 One cucumber (indoor)

Class 62 One cucumber (outdoor)

Class 63 Six tomatoes (cherry)

Class 64 Six tomatoes (large)

Class 65 One truss of ripening tomatoes

Class 66 One cabbage (any weight)

Class 67 Three sweet peppers (same or mixed)

Class 68 Three peppers (any other type)

Class 69 Vegetable Monster (Age 16+)

Class 70 Exhibits of any other vegetable not included above

Class 71 Odd shaped vegetable(s)

Class 72 Heaviest pumpkin

Class 73 Two squash


Class 74 Support the NHS

Class 75 Arrangement in a Teacup

Class 76 The Meadow and the Hedgerow


Only items not previously exhibited

Class 77 Soft furnishings

Class 78 Sewing (any garment)

Class 79 Embroidery, tapestry, cross stitch

Class 80 Knitting


Only items not previously exhibited

Class 81 Any article


Black & White or Colour. Photographs must be no larger than A5 and not framed.

Free membership to Swavesey Camera Club for overall winner in classes 82-85 to entrants aged 16 and over.

Class 82 Lockdown

Class 83 Working from Home

Class 84 Colours of the Rainbow

Class 85 Out for a Walk

Section L PICTURES (original)

(Must be suitable for hanging) Only items not previously exhibited

Class 86 Oils & acrylics

Class 87 Watercolours

Class 88 Black & white

Class 89 Any other medium

Section M CHILDREN – 16 years and under

(School Year 2020/21 stated on entry)

Cookery & handicraft

KS1 (School Years R, 1 & 2)

Class 90 Four decorated biscuits

Class 91 Lego model (original, not a kit)

Class 92 Handicraft: Up-cycling

KS2 (School years 3-6)

Class 93 Four Cupcakes

Class 94 Lego model (original, not a kit)

Class 95 Handicraft: Up-cycling

KS3 (School years 7-11)

Class 96 Mini Pizza

Class 97 Lego model (original, not a kit)

Class 98 Handicraft: Up-cycling

Art (Max size A4)

Theme for all the following art classes

- “Life on Mars”

Any medium acceptable

Class 99 Pre School

Class 100 Reception

Class 101 School years 1&2

Class 102 School years 3&4

Class 103 School year 5

Class 104 School year 6

Class 105 School years 7-11

Open Classes (for any child up to school year 11)

(School Year 2020/21)

Class 106 Vegetable monster: School years R - 4

Class 107 Vegetable monster: School years 5 - 11

Class 108 Home grown vegetable

Class 109 Photographic print, black & white or colour, any subject.

Class 110 Handicraft: (Any article) School years R - 4

Class 111 Handicraft: (Any article) School years 5 - 11

Class 112 Homemade card


Class 113 Wheat, one sample (28lbs hard)

Class 114 Wheat, one sample (28lbs soft)

Section O SUNFLOWER SECTION (Open class)

Class 115 Largest sunflower head (bring to show to display)